For many people, regular lawn mowing in the summer is a burden that they would love to get rid of. However, engaging a gardener is expensive, and lawn care is quickly neglected. However, lawnmower robots are a great way to make friends with lounging and a well-kept lawn!

The robotic lawnmowers drive the entire lawn independently in the cycle you set and continuously mow the lawn. Sensors tell the lawnmower robot where it has already been and where it still has to go. With the aid of additional sensors and, in most models, by means of a perimeter wire stretched around the lawn to be mowed, the robotic lawnmower detects and drives around obstacles, independently plans the optimum route and returns to its charging station after work has been completed. Once everything has been set up in the spring, in the best case, further human intervention will be superfluous throughout the summer. So you can enjoy your garden carefree and always enjoy a freshly mowed lawn, without ever having done it yourself!

Since the lawnmower robots can easily mow the lawn in very short time intervals, only a small amount of grass is created during each mowing process so that it can safely feed on the grass surface as a natural fertilizer. Therefore, most robotic lawnmowers do not require a collecting bin.